Cobalion Mu It is a server version mu online season 6 episode 3. This forum contains guides with added support for comodidad.CobalionMu 2015!!
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 Important: How to protect your account from scammers!

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MensajeTema: Important: How to protect your account from scammers!   18/3/2015, 9:23 pm

Following this 7 simple steps will ensure that nobody will ever steal something from you on our server.

1. Use a strong password, combine numbers and letters.

2. Make sure your password has nothing to do with your in-game name or your forum username!

3. DON'T give your password to anyone, not even to our staff team or your friends.

4. USE an Anti-virus with Anti-spyware.

5. DO NOT login on sites or programs that claim to give you free items, they are fake and instead of giving anything they will take everything!

6. DON'T download any hacks, cheats, bots, or any "MU" tools etc.

7. UPDATE your computer using Windows Update at least once a month if not automated.

Important notes:

* Decent AV Software:

* People you've told your password to might be the ones scammed instead of you!

* MU Cobalion will never ask you for account details, not even for rewards!

These are our only places where you can type your password, other sites are purely scam.

- The CobalionMU game login screen.

- The official server site (

- The official CobalionMU forums (

Good luck!
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Important: How to protect your account from scammers!
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